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Wolf Video Poker (WVP)
US $49.99
The video poker training software that does it all!
With many features the competition can't match!
  • Up to 3 levels of computer generated video poker strategy charts including wild card games like Deuces Wild and Joker Poker!
  • Tweak charts and customize them for you!
  • Computer Simulator - Simulate up to 100 sessions of up to 100 million hands each!
  • New Long-term Bankroll Statistics with the ability to add cash back and comps!
  • Custom Standard Deviation Line Graph
  • Advanced Excel Bankroll Assistant
  • Most windows totally resizable! Choose full screen or smaller field of view of the cards!
  • Totally customizable keyboard control mapped to any keys you want!
  • Helpful Shuttle Chart, and more...
Wolf Video Poker Lite (WVPL)
US $29.99
Some players don't need it all. All they need is a game that will present them with a solid basic winning video poker strategy and a friendly interface to practice at home. But you also get resizable windows like the full version of the software, and customizable keyboard control mapped to any keys you want!

All the games that are contained in the full version of the Wolf Video Poker training software are here, and you can still configure the payoff tables to those in your local area, analyze them for a return, and create a basic winning video poker strategy chart.

As the author of the discontinued Frugal Video Poker training software, I am pleased to announce two new video poker software games that further raise the bar for excellence in video poker training... Wolf Video Poker and Wolf Video Poker Lite.

Both games present exceptional value, and not just in regards to price.  With both pieces of software, you can practice a well designed video poker strategy at home, and then print that same strategy to make your own video poker strategy charts for reference.

But I do not want to get ahead of myself, as you may be new to video poker.

Video poker is a pleasant gaming experience for those who know how to play.  There are no dealers, casino procedures, or fellow players to interfere with strategy.  The only other person to regularly interact with you during a gaming session is serving the complementary drink - or perhaps a friend or spouse playing by your side.  You are on your own, armed with your skill to correctly play a hand on a properly selected machine.

One of the primary reasons for the popularity of video poker is that intelligent gamblers can ascertain the return of a machine by simply looking at the payoff table.  In the long run, and with a little luck, they can then achieve this positive expectation by skillfully playing the hands.  There are actually machines that favor the player - they pay out more than they take in.  Depending on the area, these can usually be found with a little searching.  Unbelievably, casinos still make money on these machines, due to unskilled players.

While video poker is similar to the poker you may play with friends at home, proper video poker strategy is completely different.

Wolf Video Poker software, the follow-up to the popular, but now discontinued Frugal Video Poker training software, is designed to help the intelligent gambler make the correct decisions on choosing machines and playing hands.  It make all the calculations for you. It becomes your own personal video poker trainer that teaches you in a fun and easy to understand way.

Based upon the payoff tables, the returns of games can be calculated and a video poker strategy can be developed to guide players in holding the correct cards for each dealt hand.  This maximizes the potential return that a player can achieve over the long-term.

Wolf Video Poker training software is the most advanced video poker training software available in the world, because there are more games analyzed, more educational tools, and more player options than any other competing video poker software.  It is also for the beginner as well as the expert, as there is a video poker strategy to accommodate everyone.

Some video poker software claim they are for winners.  Wolf Video Poker training software is for losers as well as for winners as well as for those who have never played the game before.  Maybe you tried the games that came with some video poker software for winners, and then in the casino, found out you lost instead.  Not all games have the same risk involved!  Some "fun" video poker games with the words "spin", "multi" and "super" in their titles are riskier than others to play.  Some software may not volunteer this information because they accept money from casinos, and the casino may want you to play the game that stretches your bankroll to the limit.  With Wolf Video Poker and its advanced bankroll features, you'll know how risky a game is before you play, how volatile the money swings may be, and how many hands you may have to play to have a reasonable chance at winning.

With Wolf Video Poker and its computer simulator, you can run as many test hands as you want with the game you were thinking of playing, (up to 100 sessions of up to 100 million hands each) with your choice of 5 different random number generators, all without losing a single dime in the casino! Everyone is always asking "How long is the long-term?"  By looking at Wolf Video Poker's custom Standard Deviation graph, (plot up to 999 billion hands) you'll have a much better idea!  Be frugal if you want, believe you have the optimum master strategy, or trust that your video poker software is for winners only.  But you may never really know what your video poker future holds until you use the advanced features that are in Wolf Video Poker.

I do not work for any casino like the creators of other video poker software or some other video poker notables do.  I do not accept money from casinos for pushing risky or high variance games which do not have the player's best interest at heart.  Nor do I recommend or put my stamp on machines that have inferior paytables.  Unlike some others who have conflicting interests, I want YOU to win, not the casino.

Download the full-featured demo of the software, then decide for yourself.  My training software for serious players not only makes it easier for you to learn and start playing, it also provides you with much more detailed bankroll information, so you can make informed decisions on what to play before you start playing.  I am confident that despite what others may claim, Wolf Video Poker is far more likely to make you a winner in the long run than the competition.

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