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Wolf Video Poker Software - Serious Video Poker Software Wolf




Wolf Video Poker (WVP)
US $49.99 $39.99
The video poker software that does it all!
With many features the competition can't match!
  • Accurate Computer Generated Strategy Charts - Up to 3 different levels!
  • 'Tweak' charts and customize the strategy to your gambling agenda!
  • Computer  Simulate up to 100 sessions of up to 100 million hands each!
  • Independent Players and Sessions so that your whole family can play!
  • Long-term Bankroll Statistics, an Excel Bankroll Assistant, cash back and comps!
  • Windows can be Resized to accommodate your monitor!
Wolf Video Poker Lite (WVPL)
US $29.99 $19.99

Some players don't need every bell and whistle. All they need is a game that will present them with a Solid Basic Winning Video Poker Strategy and a friendly interface to practice at home.

You get most of the features of Wolf Video Poker, including all the games that are contained in the full version of the software, and you can still Configure the Payoff Tables to those in your local area, analyze them for a return, and create a basic winning video poker strategy chart.

As the author of the discontinued Frugal Video Poker software, I am pleased to present these two new games that further raise the bar for excellence in video poker (VP) software.

Both games present exceptional value, and not just in regards to price.  With either game, you can practice a winning video poker strategy at home, and then print that same winning strategy for reference at the casino.

The Wolf Video Poker series of software is designed to help the intelligent gambler make the correct decisions on choosing machines and playing hands.  It makes all the calculations for you. Their player-customizable interface insures that the game becomes your own personal VP trainer that teaches you in a fun and easy to understand way.

They are the most advanced VP tutors available, because there are more games analyzed, more educational tools, and more player and session options than any other competing video poker software.  It's for the intelligent beginner as well as the expert, as there is a winning video poker strategy to accommodate everyone.

The full-featured Wolf Video Poker software has advanced bankroll and simulation tools. You'll know how risky a game is before you play, how volatile the money swings may be, and how many hands you may have to play to have a reasonable chance at winning.

Download the full-featured demos of Wolf Video Poker or WVP Lite software, then decide for yourself.   Because of the additional knowledge that the software can provide, I am confident that it is far more likely to make you a winner in the long run than the competition.

Wolf Video Poker Software - Main Screen Wolf Video Poker Software - Bankroll/Hourly Return Window Wolf Video Poker Software - Bankroll/Standard Dev Chart Wolf Video Poker Software - Computer Simulation Wolf Video Poker Software - Computer Sim Updating Chart Wolf Video Poker Software - Computer Sim Volatility Table
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